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Women, Weigh in on this Abortion Topic, Please.

I'm a heterosexual guy. Honestly and unreservedly, I have no interest in abortion, gay rights or immigration laws. When the topics come up I shut up. I don't have a dog in the fight. I could care less.


But I have two questions about abortion.


If you are opposed to abortion, why not just NOT have an abortion and STFU?


The second question is more interesting.


If you support abortion rights for women, WHY DON'T MEN HAVE THOSE SAME RIGHTS??


For instance, a woman can choose to abort a child and the father has no say. But what if the father wants to abort the child and the mother says no? Why can't the father renounce his birthing rights? Isn't he an equal partner?


And while I know a man shouldn't have a say in what women do to their bodies, I think a man who doesn't want to be a parent should be able to say, "I renounce paternity. You raise this child by yourself."


Before you get your panties in a wad about children's rights to support, think about it. It's the SAME RIGHT WE GIVE TO WOMEN WHO SEEK ABORTIONS. "I renounce maternity. Get his fetus out of my body. I don't want to support it."


Why can't men have this same right?


Having considered this, I think I lean more to the anti-abortion camp.


Talk me down.



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