Do-It-Yourself Government

What is your President thinking today?

Statement of R. Gil Kerlikowske

Director, National Drug Control Policy

Remarks at Release of 2009 World Drug Report

June 24, 2009


“Our new fiscal year 2010 Budget proposes doubling funding for adult, juvenile and family drug court, tripling ….”


Also see:


where he explains that neither he nor Obama understand legalization as a word.


If you would be so kind, please email the White house and explain to them the meaning of term, as well, mention the fact that they are abusing the Constitution, treading on the rights of the people, and contributing greatly to the closing in on the event horizon pointing directly to a bloody revolution, chock full of angry Americans who are tired of this invasion.


Also, if you would, I would appreciate it if you would consider voting on: … A call for civil disobedience ... An affirmation of your 9th amendment right to liberty ... A JFK Quote on Revolution and why it must be violent


and all others that support true liberty, that defend our right to private conduct, to personal arms, and to personal and private property, defense of, and to a true meaning the Constitution.


Enough is enough.



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