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We the people demand single payer universal health care S 703 get enacted into law.

PLEASE, IF YOU VOTE THIS STRATEGY UP THEN PLEASE SIGN THESE PETITIONS LISTED ON THIS PAGE. IF YOU DON'T SIGN THE PETITIONS THEN YOU DEFEAT THE PURPOSE OF THIS STRATEGY. TELL OTHERS TO SIGN THE PETITION. EACH SIGNATURE APPEARS A VOTE FOR SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE, RAISING THE MINIMUM WAGE, EMPLOYEE FREE CHOICE ACT, AND THE WOMEN'S FREEDOM OF CHOICE ACT. Congress and the President must enact S 703 single payer universal health care and set up a new prescription drug benefit in Medicare Part B covering 80% of the cost of all drugs with no extra monthly premiums, no extra yearly deductible, no means tests, no coverage gaps, and remove the means test for Medicare Part B and until that happens, I refuse to buy ANYTHING from Republican contributor Rite Aid Pharmacies and American Express Corporation, 2 contributors to conservative officeholders in the GOP and the Democratic Party. I have seen and spoke to a lot of well meaning Democrats wanting to make change in Washington and they issue petitions that do not include a boycott of the friends of those who would block progressive action and legislation. Such Democrats unnecessarily tie their left hand behind their backs. I urge people to consider boycotting the friends of those conservatives in congress in order to force them to sit up and take notice and capitulate to our demands. In our country money appears an important factor in getting action done. We need to go on a purchasing strike against the friends of regressives in order to force them to cooperate with us. It appears peaceful and legal in an atmosphere of legalized bribery in congress. We need to take back control over our purchases and how the profits get spent especially how they get used for legalized bribery in congress. We indirectly fund conservatives in congress through our purchases. We need to set conditions for our purchases through targeted boycotts. If you don't like a particular TV program, you call their sponsors and tell them you will boycott them until the program either goes off the air or changes to your liking. This works similar with political parties, politicians and their sponsors (campaign contributors). If you have a blog please post this on your blog. I want to get at least 100,000 people to sign these petitions, the first one which you can demand single payer health care and a fix to the Medicare prescription drug benefit. Doctors and nurses, please get those who see you for medical treatment to sign this petition and also tell them not to do business with Republican contributor Rite Aid Pharmacies. If a person cannot stop buying medications from Rite Aid then at least tell them to not buy consumer items from Rite Aid Pharmacies. The person can still sign the petition. Since Senator Baucus still blocks any notion of enacting S 703, if you will, please in your personal comments indicate that you will also boycott one of his contributors American Express Corporation. The main target remains Rite Aid Pharmacies. The petition letter does go to Senator Baucus too, so he will get the message. May I ask you for a favor? Can you get 1 new person to sign this petition each week? I hope you can do this. If every person gets just 1 new person to sign this each week, we can double the amount of signers every week. Thank you for signing this petition. I have included the email address for the Rite Aid Board of directors as a recipient of your email too. COPY AND PASTE THESE URLS AS I COULD NOT CREATE LINKS IN THIS MESSAGE. THANK YOU. Sign the petition at HTTP://BIT.LY/single_payer and the email will go out right away to GOP minority leaders and to Rite Aid Corporation. After you sign this petition sign these too. HTTP://BIT.LY/single_payer_baucus which you can petition Max Baucus for S 703 and his campaign contributor American Express Corporation who gave him over $50,000 for his campaigns for senate. Also sign these petitions. HTTP://BIT.LY/EFCA HTTP://BIT.LY/10_an_hour_min_wage HTTP://BIT.LY/norm_coleman_concede HTTP://BIT.LY/women_freedom_of_choice_act IMPORTANT NOTE: To encourage people to recruit others to sign this petition, just click on the Invite friends button on that page and you can send this to other people by their email or by other social networks. The top recruiters appear on this page. So please get as many people to sign these petitions. Thank you.



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