Training and Development

Utilize the NCDD network for facilitators, consultants and training

The National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) is an active network of people and groups with expertise in public engagement and group facilitation. The NCDD network should be included in the Open Government Directive as a resource to be tapped into for dialogue facilitators, participation consultants, and public engagement training for federal managers.


Engaging people around the issues that affect their lives and their country is a key component of a strong, open democratic society. Effective public engagement goes beyond public relations and information-sharing by providing ways for people with a variety of viewpoints to grapple with issues together and come up with creative solutions.


NCDD is a vibrant network of over 1000 organizations and individuals who, collectively, regularly engage and mobilize hundreds of thousands of people across the globe around today's critical issues. Formed in 2002, NCDD is a U.S.-based organization with international members and affiliations, all of whom are dedicated to expanding the capacity of people with divergent views from all walks of life to engage in honest dialogue and quality deliberation.


NCDD members include virtually all of the organizations that are breaking significant new ground in public engagement and conflict resolution – including AmericaSpeaks, the Center for Deliberative Democracy, Public Agenda, Everyday Democracy, National Issues Forums Institute, Viewpoint Learning, the World Cafe Community Foundation, and many others.


NCDD’s resource-rich website, at, is a popular hub for public engagement and conflict resolution practitioners and researchers. Our website offers a comprehensive assortment of resources, tools and best practices related to participatory democracy, public engagement, political inclusion, restorative justice, organizational development, and conflict resolution at all levels, and we keep in touch monthly with over 25,000 people who do this work.



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