Training and Development

Turn to colleges and universities, fund curricular, co-curricular, and community-based innovation

Higher education can play a pivotal role in this open government initiative. Here are a few things that colleges and universities can do and that the government can support:

-teach democracy, not just basic civics: All (not just a few in specific majors or programs) students should graduate from college understanding and valuing Constitutional principles of freedom, justice, equity, representation, and active citizenry

-teach civic skills: intercultural dialogue, critical analysis, civil discourse and deliberation, community coalition building and problem solving, leadership, ethical decision making

-inform: serve as open sources of accurate, balanced information on current events and pressing social and political problems, not only for students but for the general public

-support public scholarship, research issues for the public good

-convene: convene forums so that members of the campus community and the broader community can study, discuss, and work together to solve public problems

-facilitate interdisciplinary learning and problem solving: real problems call for interdisciplinary solutions

-teach teachers and partner with schools to make this a pre-K - life agenda

-provide continuing education in democracy's principles and practices

-make postsecondary education affordable and accessible


I suggest changing the title here from training and development to education and development.



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