Public-Private Partnerships

Truly open proposals and review process

I am a part of the small business, and we would like to partner with larger businesses and a local university to be able to provide services to the government. Being "outside the beltway" and actually outside the Northern Virginia area, we can do software development and other services for much less than the typical "big guys" that seem to get all of the work.


I think it would be interesting if we could submit proposals, with the sign-on of bigger businesses or state universities, and allow anyone to see it, do research & comparisons, and recommend us if they'd like. Then, when the government needs a service, they can go to the system of small businesses ready to do work for them or with good ideas, and put money where it can be spent most efficiently.


This avoids the 'trickle-down' process which exists now, where a large corporation gets a give wasteful contract and takes their cut before contracting with a smaller more agile business to do the work, and having that smaller business often take another cut before contracting to an even smaller business to actually do the job.


If there were a more direct way for small businesses to connect with the government (maybe with a system similar to, the contracts wouldn't be bulked up with all of these bigger companies taking their cut, and also smaller businesses which could provide services from other cities at a lower cost can be included. Cut out the 'middle man'!



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