Do-It-Yourself Government

Time For the Federal Government to fix things now

Mr. President Obama and the White House Administration:

This is how we can fix all of the problems within the United States and the Global Financial Problems. Sense the Private Sector cannot do anything right, falling apart, laying off good workers, moving operations overseas, hiring more H-Visa’s and closing. The Federal Government is the only place there is Hope for Growth and Jobs.

1. The United States needs to have the Federal Government run everything.

2. Have a flat tax paid by everyone the fact is that everyone will be a Federal Employee. With the Federal Government’s new departments that will open.

3. Stop all of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and everywhere else.

4. Stop giving money and resources to other countries.

5. Create a New Federal Government Departments:

a. Banking System

b. Mortgage System

c. Healthcare System

d. Auto Industry System

e. Insurance System

f. Renewable Energy System

g. Airline System

h. Manufacturing System

i. Payroll System

This in turn will create jobs and secure the future of the United States. The fact is The Federal Government is the only system that can fix this and is doing good jobs so far. Just think of this, it can work and the people will be back to work and that is all people care about.



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