Public-Private Partnerships

Tie Income Taxes to Our Preferences

This idea is intended to give people more say in how their tax dollars are spent. It will also allow those whose religious convictions make spending their tax dollars on certain programs abhorent to withhold their consent. The concept is fairly simple. There would be a section added to the tax form that lists the various governmental departments (mostly based on cabinet positions). Each taxpayer would determine what percent of their return should go to each department. Conservatives could give 100 percent to the defense department; liberals could give 100 percent to the EPA; level-headed people could spread out the percenages more evenly, giving x percent to the dept of education, x percent to the transportation dept, x percent to the defense dept, etc... This doesn't mean their money would actaully be traced to make sure it went to the desired departments. The percenages would be used to determine the relative size of each department's budget for the following fiscal year. If our leaders thought the projected budget lacked enough money to fund a particular dept (defense for example), then they would have to increase the budget as a whole to get us up to what they deemed necessary. The percentages would stay the same, regardless of whether the budget was raised or lowered, so the American people would get a government weithed in favor of their desires.



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