New Strategies and Techniques

"There Oughta Be A Law"

There needs to be a process whereby the public can initiate a process to introduce popular legislation with legal input on Constitutional issues. One option would be to create a site for each registered voter to sign in, be verified and get a numbered account. At that site, somewhat similar to this one, new legislation could be proposed that would also be sent to their Congressional representatives, and then voted on in each category. Once an idea reached a certain level of votes it would have to be considered, given a fair legal review, and then proposed into the legislative process and not held up in Committees endlessly. Such popular legislation should then be made available for all voters to consider, with public television access for full debate, and legal input on Constitutionality, and the voted up or down either by referendum or by the method mentioned earlier, giving the public voters just as many votes in Congress in both Houses as there are current Members. 100 in the Senate and 435 in the House. These votes would be divided proportionate to the referendum votes in each state and would count along with the representative votes in passage or failure of each new law.



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