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The Truth >>FOR A CHANGE

There are 3 sides to every argument.

your side, their side and then there is the truth.

The truth is all the American people are asking for. If Mr. Obama is telling the truth then he has nothing to hide and he would produce his real birth certificate along with all the other records he keeps under seal. But he don't and he uses his mouth piece Gibbs to laugh and scoff at all those who ask and that it still amazes him that this question is still being asked. Mr. Gibbs also acknowledges that he knows that 400,000 American citizens have signed a petition requesting for proof truth of Obamas legal statues. He laughs that off also as if 400,000 thousand Americans are dummies for asking a question like that. Would our government lie to us? The answer is yes they have done so in the past and present and will continue to do so for as long as they can get by with it. with all the secrecy about obamas record and him keeping them sealed screams out the truth . His actions speak louder than his words. Obama has much to hide and has lied to the American people about who he really is. That being said one can only conclude that if he were to revel to the American people the truth and nothing but the truth about his citizenship he would not be where he is today. Laugh that off Mr. Gibbs. Its time to put up or shut up. I want to see some credentials that Mr. Obama is qualified to be the President. If he is then I will shut up. If he is not he needs to step down. The truth is easy to understand and accept because it is the truth. But our government keeps the truth from us because they think we are idiots and they are above questioning by what authority do they rule. Obama has his own DON'T ASK DON'T TELL POLICIES. And that is the truth.



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