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The Constitution Test

Every public servant takes an oath to 'Preserve and Protect the Constitution of the United States'. If they don't take the oath, they can't take the job. The problem is, do we have any evidence that they have the slightest idea of what the Constitution is, and the directives contained in it?


Taking the oath should be more than a symbolic ritual.


My idea is to require all would-be public servants, from the lowest to the highest, to take a test on their understanding of the Constitution. If they don't get at least 80% or so, they should be ineligible to serve in a position of trust. After a period of 1 year, they would be able to take the test again.


Test scores should be published, especially for candidates for public office.


This would help to add meaning to the practice of taking the oath of office. If they have to take an oath, why not demonstrate that they understand the highest law of the land?



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