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Term limits of congress, senate and supreme court

As it stands now, a policitian/judge in either department of government can comfortably rely on a lifetime of being elected if they are in a district who support what they do. Let's say I am a republican/conservative/libertarian/independant and unfortunately I have a very liberal democrat representative in congress. I may not agree with any of the issues he is voting yes to, but there is nothing I can do. If I happen to be a minority in this district (politically) I might have to live with this same representative being voted in over and over because perhaps the really radical liberals love the fact that he is bringing in pork/ear marks by the billions for them to pursue agendas I find to be corrupt? If there is a term limit of two years for each member, including justices of the supreme court, then I and others might have a chance of getting someone elected who will value my ideas, it would be a cycle of radicals or conservatives, but at least it would be fair. Example is of Murtha (D) who gets more pork/ear marks for his distract than any other in office. He gets billions for his "airport to nowhere," but keeps getting elected because he gets billions to certain contractors or organizations who will keep him elected. This is criminal and should be stopped.



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