Do-It-Yourself Government

Ten Percent to Federal Government, State, Church. No income Tax--Only Sales Tax

That adds up to 30%. That's a pretty hefty bite.


If God is happy with 10%, who is the Federal Government to demand more?




Repeal 16th Amendment: Taxing income is bad business, permits deductive manipulation for those who can afford it, demands excessive record keeping, created the demon institution known as I.R.S., and provides avenues for cheaters.


Move to Sales Tax.


New Amendment:


Federal Government may apply up to and not beyond a 10% sales tax. This replaces all other taxes. Excise taxes, and taxes disguised as fees, licenses, etc., are prohibited.


Federal Government shall remain within its budget. If it needs more money, it may petition either the states, or God if he is so inclined. If 10% is good enough for God, surely it is good enough for the Federal Government who's territory is smaller.


Corporations may apply to God for Loans, Give aways, attorney fees, and redemption.



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