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Teach participation and empathy for others by teaching true history

We have been engaged in 'nation destroying' with regard to other nations, and are quick to point a finger at others' so-called terrorist practices when they refuse to bend down and knuckle under. From our definition of 'all men are created equal' to include only White, properties males, with a certain religious persuasion, to our persecution of dissenters (although the Republic was founded on dissent), our invading the domain of other cultures, countries and races, we remain as a nation ignorant of our 'true history.'


Start a collaborative project, through the use of original records, story-telling gathered from elders, and other 'true history' markers, to teach the history as it happened, and in the process, learn what it is that made us succeed and what made us into a target for terrorism and for worldwide hatred and despair. Endow this project with federal funds, as a way of affirming diversity and true origin. And let us see where this may lead us.


True education builds understanding. Understanding is the first step toward a new nation dedicated to peace and to the empowerment not only of its people, but of all people in a planet conceived as a global village. That which hurts the smallest member hurts the entire body politic. Let us remember Donne's beautiful statement that every man's death diminishes me.


All empires come to an end, some with more bloodshed than others. America is not a country, it is beautiful continents made up of many races, languages and beliefs.



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