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Taxation With Representation

Federal, state and local income or sales taxes, if paid by individuals not corporations, should be directly allocated when they are paid. The burden of taxation should be redirected to corporations and lifted from individuals who pay an undue amount of taxes. Each tax form should include a last page illustrating how the previous year's taxes were spent by category and allowing the taxpayer to indicate the percentage of tax they want allocated by category or to establish a new category. This could be done for allocation of taxes two years ahead to give time to make the budget transparent and to allow referendums to restore critical funding or allocated emergency funds for the unforeseen, but it should not be altered by legislation alone nor by judicial review unless it violated some clear Constitutional intent. I am sure that even a public poll on these lines at tax time would result in a tax pie significantly different than the one created by their "representatives" in their voting records for allocations or the one created by executive action and design.



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