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Taxation Awareness

If you performed the man on the street interview, and asked people any or all of the following, the results would be alarming:

1. How much did you pay in state and federal taxes last year?

2. Do you know what your state and/or federal tax rate/bracket is?

3. What percentage of your monthly pay goes to taxes?

4. What forms of taxation do your pay? (SS, Medicare, Fed Income, State,etc.))

The point is that most people can not answer any of the above because its nothing within their control so it gets none of their attention. So when there is a tax tea party, most don't take part because they are ignorant and unaware of the facts. What if instead of the employer being solely responsible for withholding these taxes, we involved the employee/taxpayer. If the taxpayer was required to approve the withholdings on a monthly basis, by physically re-writing the tax amounts and then signing, suddenly the significance of the amounts withheld would be thrust into their purview.



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