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TO ALL WHO WANT OBAMA TO PROVE HIS ELIGIBILITY: Please also vote for the highest rated posts which share your views

I believe the Administrators of this site should acknowledge every individual, authentic post -- rather than judging and deleting "duplicates".


HOWEVER, POSTERS should cast a vote ALSO for the highest-rated RELATED POSTS which they agree with in order to consolidate the votes in a manner reflective of the ACTUAL POPULARITY OF THE IDEA.


OTHERWISE, the abundance of VOTES spread-out through individual posts are NEVER TALLIED TOGETHER.


SPECIFICALLY: The highest-rated posts regarding Obama's Constitutional Eligibility For Office are to be found at the top of the left side panel on this page, under the category of "Transparency".


Please search by selecting a category, then clicking on the "Top Rated" button in the upper right of the page to combine your vote with the highest rated posts to achieve a top-ranking as THE PRIMARY ISSUE OF IMPORTANCE.



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