So we know that our elected officials do their best to ignore and trample on what the people of this country want like, oh, peace, health care, and so on. My idea is that we need a 4th branch of government aka The People. It would work like this: All legislation would be made available to the public online together with the pros and cons for a minimum of 2 months and the public would be able to vote on it during this time as we are voting for these ideas now. The difference is that these public votes would have to be take seriously. In the Senate, where there are 100 senators, The Public would get 100 votes. The votes of The Public would be required to be distributed among Ayes and Noes in the same proportion as the online voting and count just the same as senators' votes in passing or not passing legislation.

Same idea would also apply to the house of Reps.


The People would have the right to propose new laws, reconsider and rescind old laws and laws or reviews proposed by The People would be required to be discussed and voted on in The House and Senate same as laws generated by reps or senators.


Our elected officials have made careers of listening to and legislating for corporations and bankers and anybody who will give them money to get re-elected and ignoring the interests and welfare of their constituents. It's time put an end to this and reassert that this is a government BY AND FOR the people.


This would limit the ability of corporations, lobbyists and other special interests to dictate our country's laws and give the people an actual voice in government instead of lip-service one through our senators and representatives.



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