Between Federal, State, and Local Governments

Sustainable Communities Can Produce Renewable Energy

Among the many benefits of sustainable communities is the ability to create closed eco-systems that can manage resources capable of creating renewable energy. Sweden's EPA-equivalent puts ours to shame. They have developed an extremely comprehensive and thoughtful plan that looks at the environment in a holistic manner. One of the results of that is the way that municipal waste is managed. Each municipality owns and operates its own wastewater treatment facility and they are responsible for what they produce. The sludge that results from the wastewater treatment process is not shipped to other regions of the country; it's used by the municipality to create biofuel, syngas, and other renewable energy sources. Syngas can be used to generate enough energy to power the plants that create it. It can also be used as a component in the production of other biofuels. Homes are heated and powered by poo. Cars run on it. In fact, the government provides subsidies to those who fill up their tanks on the biofuel created from poo.



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