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Support HR 676 Single Payer Medicare for All NOW

This health program will save $380 billion at least over the cost of the plans that include private insurance. Currently 31 cents from every health care dollar goes for profits and paperwork of the insurance companies. Yet we Americans pay twice what citizens of every other industrialized country pay, and still don't cover 47 million and we have people losing their jobs and health care every day.


Enrolling everyone automatically in a national plan with administrative costs of 3% not 31% will create and expand the risk pool to the entire US population. This will enable negotiating prescription drugs and medical supplies, eliminating the need for administrative costs,profits and billions spent on marketing.


Employers will be free of a huge cost that has made global competition a challenge and a huge expense for small employers. Current plans do not cover many essential health care needs like prescriptions, vision, hearing, dental, mental health, drug rehab, podiatry, chiropractic, palliative care and long term care. HR 676 will cover all of these equally for everyone. The US will improve from 37th in the world!



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