Between Federal, State, and Local Governments

Stop Government Growth and Bureaucracy Stop Federal Aid to States

The Federal Aid system of $500 billion taxpayer dollars goes to Washington each year. Those funds are then sifted through Congress and Federal Bureaucacies then sent back to States somewhat depleted and full of thousands of pages regulations. This Federal expansion into State policy is not only wasteful but goes against the tenth Amendment of our Constitution. Under the Constitution, the federal government has specific limited powers and most government functions are to be left to the states.

The Tenth Amendment embodies federalism, the idea that federal and state governments each have separate areas of activity and that federal responsibilities are "few and defined.

If the over 800 programs of Federal aid to States were shut down State Governments and the Private Sector would fund the programs they felt nessessary and it would save taxpayers billions.

Examples of this wasteful spending are for programs like Team Nutrition Grants $10,038,000, Distance Learning and Telemedicine

$54,410,012,Improving Teacher Quality $2,887,439,000

Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood$150,000,000

Housing Counseling Assistance $42,000,000, Community Development Block Grants $12,605,900261 Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers

$80,000,000 Payments for Small Community Air Service $10,000,000

State Indoor Radon Grants $7,438,900 Clean School Bus USA

$6,270,000 Capitalization Grants for Clean Water $886,759,100

National School Lunch $7,457,572,000 Migrant Education State Grants $376,524,000


There are many more that should be and could be funded by State, Local Government or the Private Sector if they are really needed. Federal aid stimulates overspending by the states, requires large bureaucracies to administer, and comes with a web of complex regulations that limit state flexibility. We need someone with alot of guts to tackle this and cut the massive waste.



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