Stem Illegal Immigration

This is likely one of the most detrimental causes of cash haemorrhaging by a government in modern times. It is to a great credit the the past two administrations have at least shown some kind of interest in stemming the flow of illegal immigrants but the great majority of it has been to no real advantage.


Firstly, this is a country of immigrants, the day we tell all the weak and the oppressed to "go back" to the perils they faced is the day that America is dead. Let me also say that I believe the majority of true Americans to be Pro-legal immigration, and almost certainly most immigrants (should they think they had a reasonable chance to become nationalized) would also desire to be a legal American citizen. That said I continue.


It is a fallacy to declare someone an undocumented or documented illegal resident of the US. The matter of their documentation is purely superficial and serves no purpose beyond legal work visas or legal visitation requests. There is, and should never be, such a thing as a documented illegal resident of the United States of America, unless he be documented on a list of those who are to be deported or imprisoned and extradited. Those wishing to be an American citizen or live and work on American soil should follow the laws we agree to and hold to ourselves. Whether or not those laws are or are not fair is another matter entirely.


Currently, there are many, many illegal immigrants in the US. So many we need government programs to protect their rights. Am I alone in thinking that enough is enough? The charity of the American People can only go so far without proper investigation into what our charity is doing to ourselves. We don't currently even have a relatively reasonable count of illegals in our country. This has created a schism society within our own borders, where there are no laws, healthcare is egregious, and there are basic human right abuses on a daily basis. Just read the headlines about human trafficing, the sex slave trade, business accountability for undocumented workers, tax evasion, medical system abuses, and the list goes on. I think you'll find that in all cases illegal immigration plays a strong role and I believe it's time to start sorting out who should be American and who should go home as a strike back at some accountability within our society.


That being said, on to the my proposal for our government.



Firstly, fix the Social Security program. Remove those who are deceased and create a truly comprehensive database of current citizens. Starting from that point, the system for obtaining a social security number for a birth or otherwise needs to be revamped to create protections and accountability against manipulation. One way to prevent manipulation is to create accountability and enforce it.

Another is to segment the immigration branch of identification so that immigration nationalization is held by an entirely separate system. In this system, stricter terms could be instituted for immigrants that would make it tougher for illegals to manipulate such a system. This would prevent fraud by requiring immigrants to hold a different order of national identification for their lifetime. Their children (should they be born Americans) would be put under the Social Security system. At the same time such a system would inspire some amount of validity to their employment at any given establishment. IE a business owner could determine with relative accuracy if this person was a true immigrant or an illegal posing as a citizen and would be more likely to report them.



Require businesses to check against these databases in order to hire only legal citizens of the US or those working under a VISA.


If a man or woman serves in our Military they should be given a better shot at nationalization. Any man willing to serve his life for our country is as American as any I have known.

If a student finishes High School here he's ahead of many Americans. I say give him a chance to stay.


Use every means available to beef up border control. It's no secret that we're losing the drug war. Take this very website as an almost certain truth of that. Anyone younger than 30 can say with certainty that many of their friends used and/or abused illegal substances. That being said the money they paid for those substances is almost all funnelled back across one of our borders. This has made way for an incredibly vibrant drug trade in which those willing to break the law, then stop at nothing to get the "goods" to their consumers. This takes a role in immigration because it acts like a river sweeping up anything that can turn a profit. So, because the drug smuggling trade is so profitable, it's competition inspires further smuggling. Sex slaves, Weapons, and Humans all get caught in this industry. A family will pay a few thousand dollars to get into the US from the Mexican border, and when they get they're they're told to deliver this package to such and such address. We've heard the routine before.

The point of all of that was to make it abundantly clear that we're not competing against poor immigrants who want to get into America, but rather very wealthy and flatly evil smugglers trying to get in anything they can make money with. A great amount of the immigration trade is heavily influenced by drug smuggling. Therefore, at some point it is beyond regular local cops to control. I think we should fortify our border control with Military manpower, and rotate that manpower to prevent threats on their lives or the lives of their families. Let local law enforcement enforce local laws, a beefier military border control is needed to fight an enemy with as much money, determination, and as dastardly as the smugglers sneaking in the goods.


Finally, government programs are for citizens not for immigrants.

There should be no "rights", "programs", or "privileges" to those living here illegally beyond basic international standards. We do not go on extended vacations in Canada to benefit ourselves with THEIR healthcare system, why should we allow any other nation do that to us? Our emergency rooms should be full of the truly sick. Not those wishing for free healthcare for a common cold. I say if someone is in need of emergency care, by all means treat them. Then if they are determined to be of another nationality here illegally, deport them once they are well enough to survive the trip. Charity can only go so far.


Work with our neighbouring nations to rehabilitate immigrants rather than just dumping them. A big incentive for illegal immigration is the hope that one's children will be born American and therefore be allowed to be American citizens. It is hard to turn away children, but their fate rests solely in the hands of their caretakers. If their parents cannot see fit to nationalize themselves legally, than the child should hold their parent's nationalization and not ours. This falls under the proposal above. As hard as it is to send an infant and mother into an uncertain future, our society cannot be responsible for the very adult and serious decision to break the our law. I say their family should be duly deported. I think it would be far more beneficial for everyone if we worked with neighbouring nations to rehabilitate deportees. It seems far more advantageous to send deportees to facilities that would educate them on some trade and employ them in their own country. The US could get further advantage out of this by encouraging American companies to participate in such a system.

Even if we had to spend money to rehabilitate a deportee, it would likely be far more financially reasonable than allowing them to suckle off of America for their natural lives.



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