Stealth Windmills (they only come out at night)

People object to building offshore windmill farms for at least a couple of different reasons - they're an eyesore and a danger to birds. Land-based ones also raise the temperature beneath them by a couple of degrees too.


The solution might be stealth windmills. These would only pop up from beneath the water at night when no one can

see them and birds aren't usually flying around. The power to raise and lower themselves would get first call on the

energy they produced (and it would be stored in their base). They would also have sensors built in that would turn on a set of lights in the event that any aircraft of ship approached.


The warmth produced by land-based models of the pop-up windmills might actually produce another benefit -

reduced heating costs for nearby houses during the winter.


One more bonus - in the event of severe weather the windmills could be dropped back down into their silos, getting them safely out of the way in time to avoid major repair costs.



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