Shut Down This Site

Because the republicans are so upset about losing the election that they're trying to interfere with any attempt Obama is making at helping the people. They can't even let the people who want to give him ideas get those ideas to him. No, they have to flood this site with birfer bullcrap that just makes us all wonder, why the hell SHOULD the government help the people? You idiots are making fascism seem better and better by the day. Furthermore, who CARES if Obama was born in America or if he's a Muslim? You're just making yourselves look like racists! So, to the right-wing extremists who are trying to ruin America just to satisfy their own selfish delusions, I say to you, open your eyes and learn what democracy is supposed to be about. It's not about whether your party wins or loses. It's about making America a better place to live, and if you right-wing nutjobs don't stop ruining this site, then Obama will just have to shut it down, because right now, I don't see how he and his administration can accomplish ANYTHING with it filled with all these messages of hate directed toward him.


Note: The part about shutting down this site is sarcastic. I think it's a great idea for the government to have a site where people can express their ideas for change, as long as people don't just use it to troll the president.



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