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Show us the Birht Certificate not a COLB or Certificate of Live Birth.

I realize since the implementation of the Ex-patriation Act and the 14th Amendment, you in the Government Corporation no longer feel the need to adhere to the Constitution as you made everyone Federal Citizens and took away State Sovereignty from from most Citizens, of which most are totally unaware of. However you are still required to be a Natural born Citizen of the United States to hold the Presidency.


You have spent millions of dollars trying to evade doing what should have been a simple procedure of producing the original Birth Certificate, and this situation would have been resolved.


I am an Independent, not a Republicrat or Democlican, I backed the TRUE Constitutional candidate in Ron Paul, so care nothing of which party you supposedly represent, as to me their is not a dimes worth of difference between either of you...sound familiar.


If you had nothing to hide, you would've produced this document and your college records long before the election.


Prove me/us wrong!

Kelly E. Griffin



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