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Self-Censorship in Modern American Press: Is Investigative Journalism Dead?

Have the courts resolved the citizenship eligibility of Obama? A big resounding, “ No!”


The courts have refused to decide the cases by a full blown trial on the merits. The cases were dismissed on reasons of legal technicalities. Until a trial on the merits is conducted, there will be endless new cases on the same issue because there is no ‘res judicata’ yet.




If there were a Hollywood movie about a person who became a President of the US without any of the 300 million Americans demanding for his proof of natural born citizenship, or after being sued to show his birth certificate that person refused to do so, or the entire congress and senate refuse to question his citizenship, or the states and federal agents do not lift a finger to produce evidence, or after more than two dozen cases filed the Supreme Court refuses to settle the issue, would you have found that situation possible and the movie credible?













This is where you start if you want a heads up on what this Obama citizenship issue is all about.



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