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Revamp USAjobs.gov

As someone who has been seeking federal employment for over 2 years, my experience with USAjobs.gov has never been good. It is a black hole. Everyone I know who has submitted a resume has never seen results either. One person inside the federal government explained it to me as "if there is a posting on the website, it is just a formality, and they already have their candidate from within." The listing is "required" but never taken seriously. This is very disheartening, especially for someone aspiring to civil service. The solution is perhaps more of a culture change rather than a technological change. I know everyone is on a budget or hiring freeze occasionally, but promotions should be based on merit and expertise instead of pay grade. Bringing in newcomers to the government should not be seen as a risk, especially when they may be more willing to innovate than entrenched officials.



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