Making Government Operations More Open

Require the southern states to secede - or shut up.

They clearly have no problem with killing doctors, advancing prejudice and making wild, debunked claims about our President's own birth history. Please.


We give all the sane people a year's heads up to find new homes in the true United States of America - a land without prejudice and hate, a land where we can actually come up with ideas other than "God tells us to do this."


Clearly people forgot about the nigh-important concept "Separation of Church and State". The State MUST be agnostic to keep our country from becoming the Christian version of Iran.


Reduce size to around 40 states - let Alaska decide which country it wants to go with. Remove all US bases from those states and relocate the Military there - they aren't part of their country, why should we be stationed there?


This would lower population, make nationalized health care easier to administer, and save billions of dollars on the welfare system.


Should any state refuse to secede let it be put to a vote in that state - no need to force it, I'm sure enough states would be willing to run with it without fear.


Put up a wall, much like that over the Mexican border, to deter illegal immigration from those areas to the new, improved United States.


Allow moderate Republicans to form their own new party - away from the far-right wingnuts that seem to dominate their party. Then their ideas of fiscal conservatism could be given true equal ground without Religious nuttery tainting their message.


As sad and bat-poop insane as this idea is, it's still leagues better than the stupid ranting of this citizenship meme the nutjobs seem to have gotten hold of. I want to see this get 100 positive votes at least. Who's with me?


Improved United States - a place truly for all, not just racist white old men! WHO'S WITH ME?



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