Making Government Operations More Open

Require all Federal Government meetings that are subject to the Open Meetings Laws to be Webcast online.

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Board meetings are where some of the most important decisions are made by our government. Allow the American people access to the decision making process by requiring all of these meetings to be webcast on the Internet both live and on-demand.


The Governor of New York State pioneered this initiative in 2007 when he required all State agencies and authorities to webcast their meetings (Executive Order 3). It's been highly successful. The State requires all the agencies to webcast their meetings live if they have the Internet access to do it live and requires them to post the meetings online within 48 hours for on-demand viewing. The webcasts need to work for both broadband and dial-up users and be compatible with at least 2 media players. All videos are closed captioned within 7 days for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


Having these meetings online will save a ton of money for both the government and interested parties who normally have to travel to attend these meetings. By having these meetings webcast online, some people who would normally travel to the meetings will no longer have to -saving time, money, and energy. It's the green way to go.

Why Is This Idea Important?

This initiative or important because it opens up the decision making process at government board meetings to the public. By requiring all Federal agencies to webcast their board meetings, it holds government decision makers accountable for what they say. It also saves time, money and energy because it reduces the amount of travel to meetings by interested parties. Why would they travel to the meetings if they could just watch them online.


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