Repeal The Commodities Modernization Acts: Repeal All Banking Modernization Regulations!

Repeal: The Commodities Modernization Acts. These treasonable affronts to economic logic and honest markets must be repealed. They are the root cancer that has metastasized in every household budget in this country. They are the major factor in hurting the "real economy".


Repeal: All banking Modernization Regulations beginning in 1996 must be repealed as soon as is possible. The "fire walls" FDR and his educated market economists put in place in the 1930s must be restored.


Demand the DOJ investigate and then prosecute to the fullest extent of the law the treasonable and possible RICO CABALS that tried to subvert our economy and enrich themselves at the peril of our national security, our constitutional rights, our foreign policy, and the expectation of honest commerce and a fair exchange on value offered.


The content of more than half of the ideas on this site are an affront to logic. The educational system on evidence in this dialogue is an embarrassment to our country, and proof that we have miserably failed and must overhaul the educational system from PRE-K-12th. Grade!



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