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Release/index all unclassified Congressional Research Service reports

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Currently, many reports of the Congressional Research Service remain undisclosed to the public. Work with Congress to release all non-confidential research reports, past to present. Index each paper with OCR and a good search engine (maybe a cool IT modernization project), attach any relevant annotations (when the report was requested, by whom, any relevant hearings/testimonies on the report), and you're set. Cross-linking to C-SPAN's video database would be solid.

Why Is This Idea Important?

The Congressional Research Service is a professional cadre of researchers who work in an nonpartisan, project-to-project research capacity for Congress. They often get at the truth of a pressing national issue, and often write brief, but deeply informative reports. Having these reports available for the average citizen to learn more about, understand the context, and watch any relevant hearing/testimony will help the broader American republic to self-educate on issues of the day. Furthermore, it will lessen the demand for lobby groups who traditionally function as gatekeepers or clearinghouses for compelling information in a technical or otherwise complicated debate.


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