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Release Long Form Birth Certificate & Passport Records

Here's a novel idea: Rather than stir the pot of controversy and conspiracy, simply release to the public your actual long form birth certificate, not the "Certification of Live Birth" garbage. And while you're at it, release the passport records in regard to Indonesia. Your actions thus far are at best translucent, not even close to transparent.

Why Is This Idea Important?

It is Constitutional. It's a very serious and vital constitutional requirement. The irony? - A hearing was held to determine if John McCain was an eligible citizen, whereby he had to provide documentation. And yet, not only has the same treatment not been given to Obama, but Obama has spent millions to make sure the long form birth certificate, passport records, and school records are hidden from the public. Hiding such info is not the actions of someone claiming transparency. And the laughable idea that the so called FactCheck and Snopes have "solved the case" is idiotic. Maybe children and the mentally handicapped are fooled, but not thinking intelligent people. Let's see the birth certificate and put this issue to rest.



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