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Reduce Legislative Staff

We elect officials to represent us. We pay them a pretty good salary, plus an expense acount. They are paid for travel and have their own heath care and retirement plans. If that is not enough, they also have multiple offices and hire lots of staff.


In other words, just having all of these elected officials cost each and every one of us a pretty penny. When the economy slows, they always scare us with laying off police & fire fighters, closing libraries, schools & parks. There is something VERY wrong with that picture.


When there is not enough tax money coming in, the first thing that should go is legislative staff, offices and/or budgets. The last thing to go should be education and public safety.

Why Is This Idea Important?

Legislators are the actual people who write and approve government's budgets. If they are not smart enough (or lack greed), then it is THEIR OWN PERSONAL situations which should be affected first, not the people they represent. Perhaps this would even slow down some of the pork spending (just a dream).


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