Legal & Policy Challenges

Recucing the cost of healthcare in America

Everyone agrees the cost of healthcare is too high but few can agree on how to fix it. Why, because its politically risky to do the appropriate thing.


There are two significant areas that could be addressed that would reduce the costs considerably

1)Tort reform. Cap the awards of lawsuits. If an American serviceman or woman has their LIFE valued at $250,000 based on the life insurance provided by the US government then there is no way anyone should be receiving millions of dollars for surgery that goes bad. Tragic as some of these mistakes may be it seems to me the value of a life has already been established $250,000, a crooked scar shouldn't be worth more than a few thousand at best.


2)Deport the more than 15million illegals that American carry the burden of expense for. These criminals come here ILLEGALLY and the law abiding citizens of America are required to absorb the cost of providing care for them. Close the border, deport all the illegals, yes Auntie Obama with them, and measure the savings in tens of billions.



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