Do-It-Yourself Government

Read the Full Memo from Obama

The Chief Technology Officer has hijacked the intent of Obama's Memo, and restricted it to one object: Transparency.


The memo itself was not indicative of any suggestion that citizen participation be limited to this idea, and rightly so.


There were three concepts:






Do not be seduced into thinking that Decriminalization is off-topic. It is spot on.


Do not be coerced into a narrow channel by agency personnel who do not want to issue full faith and credit to Obama's Memo. It is not up to them.


Do not be placated by this false attempt to wash away the intent of the memo with an exercise.


If the Agency does not wish to respond correctly, continue to notify the White House.


By the way, The birth certificate issue is also valid, so vote this up instead of being mad at me.


However, spamming your own outlet is not in your self-interest.


The Pertinent parts of the memo is copied in the "Why is this Idea Important?" Section. Click on the header to read.



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