Legal & Policy Challenges

Racial/Social fairness in Legal System

1. Traffic Stops- I ofter notice white motorist speed past me and an oncoming State Trooper or Sheriff does nothing, but if I go 3 MPH over the limit the red/blue lights come on.

2. Unfair Charges- I work in a Max. Security Prison and white inmates tell me that judges and DA's let them off the hook 6 or 7 times. While Black inmates get hard time the 1st time they are involved with the Criminal Justice System.

3. Unfair Sentencing- Far to often and for too long, Blacks have gotten harder and longer sentences than whites for the SAME crime. (White use this to control the Black population growth (white supremecy) while earning money by employing many white correctional officers to WATCH these men. (Modern Slavery) sanctioned by the US Legal System.



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