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Obama has done nothing but lie to the American people since he took office. The first day after being sworn in he signed an Executive Order sealing his records. Sure doesn't seem like a president who is for WE THE PEOPLE, does it. Of course, his actions since Jan. 21 have all proven to us who he really is. He is an illegal himself - of course he won't uphold our immigration laws. He is a puppet placed by the Committee of 300, Club of Rome, Trilateral, Bilderbergs, Freemasons, Skull & Bones, CFR and I don't know how many other secret societies, to bring this country down from the inside. I just can't quite figure out how he's juggling the Muslim element with the NWO element. Seems like somebody other than WE THE PEOPLE are going to be unhappy with him rather soon. In the meantime, he continues to daily, and behind the scenes, rape us of our rights. I am a Christian, and I may go down, but I'll go down fighting, and knowing that in the end the evil ones perpetrating these atrocities on us will also go down. The BIBLE says so. God bless us all.



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