Public-Private Partnerships

Protect harloom varieties of plants and food stocks from patents

Right now any company can patent and control the use of any plant or genetics of that plant. This should be limited or not allowed for plants that are pre existing. Especially plants that can be used for food, and have pre-existed before the company was around. Discovering, documenting, or genetically mapping a variety should not mean a company owns the rights to that plant. Patenting a plant variety is ok so long as they can show or prove they have genitally modified it or done there own cross pollenating to create the variety. Harloom varieties should be considered "open-source" standards that EVERYONE can work with, and use freely. This should also extend to protect farmers who grow there own harlooms and have gotten patented genetics into there crops via cross pollination from the wind. Right now many farmers are being sued by agra business for using there genetic stock, even though it can not be helped due to the wind spreading the pollen.



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