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Promises from President Obama

Unfortunately President Obama has not kept his promise about ear marks/pork and transparency and has allowed thousands upon thousands of these to pass without even knowing what he was signing. He said he would go line by line and yet hasn't done it yet and has spent trillions of our dollars so far without anything to show for it. There has been no stop in people losing their jobs or homes, but by golly that new nature park in Iowa or Idaho is being tended to and that airport of John Murtha's who has more employees than passengers is getting billions, too bad about the poor. I believe that President Obama needs to go back and listen to his campaign promises about transparency, ear marks, lobbyists, etc...because so far he has not kept one single promise and I am really afraid that we are going to have sky high taxes on everything, even though he said he would not raise taxes. Why should I believe him, he's lied about everything else. If the president would just keep his promises then the transparency issue is solved.



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