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Project Management (Construction and Business Projects)

A new technology, Critical Chain Project Management, is available for public works construction that can help us rebuild our infrastructure with greater efficiency, speed, and at 25% less labor cost. One third more projects can be completed with less disruption to traffic and business. This means we can repair and improve our infrastructure so that our economy will improve faster with more value to the taxpayers than ever before.


Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is as effective as it is simple. Results occur in a few months, even weeks. It focuses management’s attention on the few project tasks that determine when the project will finish.


Of equal importance, it immediately shows the actual status of the project and the task that needs help. It is particularly valuable when a large number of complex projects are being managed. Current project management methods do not have a reliable way to determine project status until it is too late.


Critical Chain Project Management is so robust that this year the Japanese Ministry of Public Works has made CCPM the national method for all public works projects in Japan. They are currently managing 20,000 projects and completing them 25% earlier with the same resources. Many contractors are completing twice as many projects as they could previously.


Critical Chain is a breakthrough advance in project management that is sweeping through the public works construction industry. This is the perfect opportunity to revitalize our nation's projects. We can manage projects with Critical Chain Project Management and get 33% more projects done while saving 25% of the labor costs.



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