Legal & Policy Challenges

Prohibition didn't work in the 20th century ... and needs to END.

The USA government should at the very least be embarassed by its attempt to prohibit certain activities and the use of so-called "controlled substances". Not only is the War on drugs a war they have lost, but it is one that the government can not win. It must end now.


Legislators seem to have a mentality that just because they pass a law which bans something, that people will obey. Reality is often the opposite. Look back at the Prohibition of Alcohol and it seems obvious why that was later overturned. I just wonder why no one is smart enough to stop the stupid prohibition we have going on now.

Why Is This Idea Important?

The war on drugs is costly. Additionally, we incarcerate way too many otherwise law-abiding citizens just because they have possession of one of these controlled substances. Can you imagine how many drug pushers would be out of business overnight if the price of marijuana fell to mere pennies?

ALL of these so-called controlled substances should not be treated any differently than we treat alcohol. Use them privately and intelligently, no problem. Get high and drive an auto, major consequences.

Also consider the crime which is "drug related". This would, at the very least, DROP significantly. If these drugs are legal, and no longer so over-priced, at least people would not have to go to such extremes to come up with the cash necessary for their next fix.


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