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Population and Global Warming

It is not too early or too late to begin a discussion on where do we want our United States of America to stand on the issue of Overpopulation.

Some see the intrusion of the Government in reproduction rights, others say that sooner or later, once Global Warming brings up the Methane from the ocean, it will be too late! All the children lovingly brought into the world will begin to bake, not at the final 846 Deg. Fahrenheit, but starvation, when most people will not be able to grow enough food.

OK, this is not going to happen in the next 20 years and after that I will be dead, so if you plan to have children that will be around by 2080, you may want to consider a voluntary target family size.

The ballot every four years could inform us on the average family life preference. Nothing mandatory just a word from fellow voters.

The smaller the average family, the longer your children shall live, until they bake at a temperature comparable to that in a Auschwitz Oven



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