Please don't stop posting re;the eligibility issue...it's too important!

If anyone who doubts that this is a real issue can answer me 5 questions truthfully, factually, and beyond a reasonable degree of doubt (without attacking me personally), I'll post a personal apology to Mr. Obama...if not I demand a full investigation and reporting.

1) Of the over 300 lawsuits filed so far, why has each one that has come before a judge been dismissed without any case being heard on the merits of the case? Some have been dismissed for such unreasonable opinions as "this has been thoroughly twittered", or "Snopes has already reported on this"

2) Why would Obama spend nearly 1 million dollars on lawyers to block the release of any documents, rather than release them and put this issue to bed?

3) Obama’s sister, Maya, has never claimed to be an American citizen of any kind, yet she has a certificate of live Birth from Hawaii. If this document can be properly issued to a non-citizen, then please explain how it should be deemed an acceptable document to prove natural born citizenship for Barack Obama?

4)If American citizens on American passports could not obtain admission to the country of Pakistan in 1981 (there was a travel ban on Americans on American passports going into Pakistan in 1981), then what document did Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) use to obtain admission there?

5) The country of Indonesia did not allow non-citizens to go to school there in the 1960’s. How then did Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama) enroll and go to school there? Note: the country did not allow dual citizenship.



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