Making Government Operations More Open

Plain Language in Goverment Documents

I support the Plain Writing Act of 2009 currently in the Senate and the Plain Language Act of 2009 currently in the House. Both bills would require that all government documents that convey information about benefits and services be written in plain language. We should extend that bill to include regulatory information as well. Small business (and corporations) often have a difficult time complying with regulations because the language is so complex and convoluted. The more this administration can use plain language to communicate with the public in ANY situation, but better informed we are and the better citizens we become. Even complex, legal information can be written so that non-experts can understand it. It's time to pass the bills and continue to push for plain language in plain sight (as in the new credit card bill) in federal documents. Whenever possible, transparency and plain language should be the default setting for government communication.



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