Public-Private Partnerships

Partnering made easy - Lessons from the Design and Construction Industry

The design and construction industry, including the Corps of Engineers, have been utilizing a process called "Partnering" for over 20 years.


The Partnering process begins with a workshop that brings together the three key stakeholder groups involved in a typical construction project: the Owner, the Contractor, and the Architect or Engineer. The workshop sets the stage for the working relationship by developing the project mission and goals, team values, understanding expectations, discussing communication, roles, and responsibilities, problem solving processes, and addressing any "rocks in the road."


The Partnering work continues throughout the life of the project as a proactive way to address issues before they get too big, assess how well the team is working together, and how well the project is meeting its mission and goals.


A third party facilitates the initial workshop, and may assist at follow-up workshops, but the process is "owned" by the project team Partnering Champion(s).


I have participated in as well as facilitated over 80 Partnering workshops, and can attest to the validity of the process.



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