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PROOF of Bush Birth Certificate Coverup

Think about it! Have you ever seen George W. Bush's Birth Certificate OR a Certificate of Live Birth? And I have links to document it.

Well, hey then, kids! Let’s check out legal fees paid out by the Bush-Cheney campaign of 2004, also after the finish of the campaign! Just for kicks and giggles, we’ll limit our search to legal fees paid out by a subset of the Republicans’ 2004 campaign: the Bush-Cheney compliance committee. I’ll even document the searches:

Report #1,

Report #2.


The total dollar amount of legal fees paid out after the election by the Bush campaign, according to these reports, is $337,172! And that’s just in 2005 dollars. In 2009 dollars that would be nearly $400,000! And there wasn’t even a presidential transition after the 2004 election.


That can only mean one thing: George W. Bush was really born in Bhutan! I mean, what else besides the desperate attempt by the Bush campaign to hide Dubya’s “real” birth certificate could explain these legal fees?


Go on, spread this new truth far and wide. Bush, the Illegitimate Bhutano-Fascist Pretender to the Presidency! Now It Can Be Told!



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