Open up discussion to re-evaluate marijuana laws

I think it's time to have a serious debate about the current marijuana prohibition laws and the effects it's having on a very large part of society.


People are always saying that marijuana legalization would send the wrong message to kids, but what I believe to be the wrong message to kids, is the fact that so many non-violent offenders are spending time in jail, when they should be at home raising their kids, instead of throwing those kids in the foster care program and over crowding prisons.


The thing is, every time a non-violent offender is sent to prison, you have just sent him/her to violence training school, so that when they get out, they are more likely to join a gang or start doing hard drugs.


I also believe that legalizing marijuana for adult use, would not only generate precious revenue for our struggling economy , but would also free up drug enforcement agents to go after the deadly drugs like meth, cocaine, heroin and all the other deadly street drugs.



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