Legal & Policy Challenges

Open Dialogue concerning Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana legalization is a contentious issue which has recieved an unfair amount of attention from the Federal Government. In addition to government funded programs disseminating information about the negative effects of marijuana, there should also be government funded programs analyzing the costs and benefits of Marijuana legalization and its true impact upon the community. Organizations should be created that employ economists, legal experts, and medical professionals, combining their expertise to make an educated assesment on the effects of marijuana legalization in the country. This information should then be disseminated in a similar fashion as the anti marijuana organizations funded by the Federal government, like for example.


Hundreds of thousands of American citizens are arrested each year for Marijuana posession, a non-violent crime. It would be useful to conduct a comprehensive analysis to determine if it is truely worthwhile to incarcerate these citizens, or if the Illegal nature of the drug is actually doing more damage to our country. Up to now, there has been a one way cherry-picking of information by the federal government to support the notion of keeping marijuana illegal.At the same time, information indicating the benefits of Legalization is not presented by the government, though it is obvious that benefits do exist. This suppression of information needs to be stopped as it is contradictory to the transparent ideals of American government. All sides need to be represented and analyzed fairly.



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