On China...Print enough money to just pay off China. Bring our jobs home! WAKE UP AMERICA!

Look I know what some will say but just print enough money and pay off China and the National debt. What would they do even if we said we just decided to make every thing the U.S.A. needs and stop importing there leaded goods to the U.S.? Bring our manufacturing jobs back home. We've created a monster and soon if something's not done we will all be speaking Chinese. They are buying up our land and our manufacturing plants. They want need to invade us with there billion man army they will already own us soon. China is gobbling up steel and oil for there economy and army I wonder what there getting ready for?hmm WAKE UP AMERICA! They want hit us with a Nuke it'll be a E.M.P. attack. Then they'll walk right in. Go to this link to learn more http://www.worldtribune.com/worldtribune/05/front2453711.9284722223.html



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