Making Data More Accessible

Old Technology?

In order to have a transparent government we need to get the American people involved. The only way to succeed is to make it more interesting so people can watch it on a video VIA Television and newer means of viewing. Television was created as a communication tool and now it's just a box of advertisements and programs designed to keep us watching.

We should use this tool and create a prime (non cable channel) Television station that will broadcast all of our senate voting and give the people an opportunity to vote on what are the most important topics that should be on our senate floor on a daily basis as well as the issues requiring large amounts of money, resources and/or American lives. Any advertisement funds (which should be limited) can go to the cost of running of such a television station.

I've seen some very strange senate topics such as the "Monkey Safety Act" that was the topic twice in the last 2 years meanwhile, Americans were paying $4.00/gallon for gas (the first time around) and have record unemployment (the second time around). This was under the previous administration the first time and our current administration the second.

Our Senators spend way to many years in office. We shouldn't have a senator representing for 15, 20, 25 years. Our great country changes often and when we have the same old ideas it leads to the "Monkey Safety Act".


We have to compete with companies for the attention of the American People. And the only way to compete is to join the game.



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